Depth of Field

Candle Coca Cola Lotion Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Depth of Field assignment was a big assignment for photography. The photos on the left feature the subject in focus and the background out of focus. The photos on the right feature the subject still in focus and the background is also in focus.




Simplicity is a type of photography where it has a simple background. The one of the left has a couple trees and a school behind it, and the other has houses in the background.


 IMG_4083IMG_4081 IMG_4092

Balance is one of the key things about photography. The object in the photo should have equal weight on both sides.


IMG_4086 IMG_4105IMG_4090

Point of View is pretty self-explanatory. You have to change your view point in order to get a perfect shot.


IMG_4044 IMG_4041 IMG_4037  IMG_4034 IMG_4035IMG_4033

Framing is a type of photography that the environment borders/frames the subject. It’s a beautiful type of photography, and it’s really interesting to see.